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Load Balancing – Multiple Internet Connections

With mission-critical applications being moved to the cloud like Customer Relationship Management, Financial transaction processing, Electronic Medical Records, etc, the need for a reliable Internet connection is very important to your business.

One strategy to provide extra reliability is to bring in a second Internet connection.  With a load balancing firewall, two Internet connections work together to provide redundancy in case one connection fails or has issues and smart routing for your client applications.

Your Firewall is ALWAYS under attack

I’ve been using the SimpleWAN firewall to assist with quality Voice over IP connections.  Besides the VoIP features, the SimpleWAN has a cool visual display of the blocked attempted attacks that are always happening.  Here is a short video taken from one of my deployed firewalls:

The system logged 1000 blocked attacks over the past 16 hours.  This is why it’s so important to keep your firewall security software current!